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Thinking Outside the Box

Experience & Creative Thinking:  Essential Tools of the Real Estate Trade


As a licensed REALTOR® for over twenty years in the Greater Burlington and Addison County area , I have run into just about every imagineable scenario you can think of and know how to arrive at the solutions for  problems that you might encounter in the purchase and/ or sale of your home, land or investment property. I am also one of the few real estate agents in the area who has assisted land owners and developers in the subdivision of property and understand the local and state regulations that apply and how to navigate through them.

Prior to becoming a licensed real estate agent in 1994, I founded and operated a Residential and Commercial Landscape Contracting business covering the same geographical area as I do know in the real estate business. So if you think about it , I have been assisting home owners in solving problems around their homes for over 35 years. I am familiar with most home construction methods, electrical and heating and ventilation systems and can usually identify them on sight. As a result, I bring a hands on , "Been there, Done That" experiance to the process of identifying the right home for my buyer clients and helping them evaluate siting, overall condition and establish a reasonable value prior to making an offer. 

For sellers, I am always thinking of ways to maximize there return in the sale of their property. Some of the questions I always explore are , what is the zoning of the subject property, how can the property be presented to the buying public in a way so as to maximize the seller's return, is the lot large enough that it may be able to be subdivided, if the subject property is an investment, how can the the rental income be increased and the operating epxenses by reduced resulting in a stronger prospectus for the next owner.  And the list goes on. Every piece of real estate is different and it's value effected by many influnces not under your control that need to be taken into account.

I enjoy learning about every new property that I encounter and, based on my clients needs , formulateing the most creative strategy for them to achieve their goals. 

Give me a call and let's chat. 

Chris von Trapp