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Chartered: June 8, 1763 (New Hampshire Grant)
Area: 32,828 Acres / 51.29 Square Miles [ 23* ]
Coordinates (Geographic Center): 72°57'W 44°32'N
Altitude ASL: 706 feet
Population (US Census, 2000): 2,980 [ 57* ]
Population Density (persons per square mile): 58.1 [ 74* ]
Tax Rate: $2.057 ('03)
Equalized Value: $202,442,904 ('03)
*Area, Population and Density rankings above refer to Underhill's relative position among Vermont's 255 civic entities (9 cities, 242 towns, 4 gores and grants).


Utility Type Website Phone
Green Mountain Power Electric http://www.gmpvt.com 835-4672
VT Electric Co-op Electric http://www.vtcoop.com 635-2231
Vermont Gas Gas http://www.vermontgas.com 863-4511
Adelphia TV/Internet http://www.adelphia.net 658-3050
Verizon Telephone/Wireless http://www.verizon.com (800) 870-9999
All-Cycle Waste Garbage N/A 864-3615
Clean Green Sanitation Garbage N/A 654-7736


While Underhill is so situated as to suggest that the name is derived from its physical proximity to Mount Mansfield ("under the hill"), it is actually named for Benjamin Underhill or Underhill Horton or both (relationship unknown). Various members of the Underhill family are listed in several of the Onion River Company grants, but it would seem that these two were somewhat low in the pecking order: the land they received has more hills and mountains per square mile than any of the others.

It is the kind of town that would prompt a Vermonter to say this state would be as large as Texas, if it were flattened out.

It is obvious in a number of the New Hampshire Grants that neither Benning Wentworth nor the grantees knew anything of the terrain with which they were dealing. The town of Mansfield was granted on the same day as Underhill, nobody having a clue that the town was bisected by the state's highest mountain. In 1839 the Legislature annexed the western section of Mansfield to Underhill, forming the present day town (it was impossible to get from one side of Mansfield town to the other). Despite the objections of residents of the eastern portion of Mansfield, who wanted to remain a separate civil entity, the Legislature saw fit to blend them with Stowe.

Like most of the county, Underhill is a bedroom community to Burlington, but near the fringe of this distinction (the number of people wanting the rural atmosphere and willing to commute being inversely proportional to the distance).

Information courtesy of: www.virtualvermont.com